Tips for proper use of portable computers , laptop, notebook.

1) When using make sure you do not block the air vents that are on the bottom.
The reduction of air flow that cools the circuitry of the portable result detaches the Chipset or graphics circuit of the motherboard.

The following operating conditions must be avoided.

  • knees
  • In grass
  • Atop blanket
  • the car seat
  • In table with tablecloth which makes folds .

If you still wish to operate your laptop on the above conditions obtain a base with fans (cooling pad).

Be sure to clean the vents and heatsink if you can call us at 211-800.7899, by this omission destroyed many laptops .

Windows 8 Laptop
The symptoms of non- correct ventilation are:

  • Closes (restart) while loading a game or do many tasks simultaneously.
  • System crashes and unresponsive.
  • The system fan works then.
  • Blue Screen (B.S.O.D.)
  • High Temperatures .

2 ) After using the laptop or close the screen because the temperature has developed during the operation affects the screen.

3 ) Make frequent discharges the battery if you follow the stream , 1-2 discharges per week is sufficient .
If you want to remove the battery from the laptop and technology Li-Ion Keep it at 40% -50 % of capacity when removing it , then save it in a cool (15c) and dry place.

4) Do not press hard buttons, below is the entire system , the hard drive is very sensitive to vibration and are destroyed.
If you have small children you can connect an external keyboard to avoid damaging the laptop and the keys.